In the Footsteps of Ladin Heroes

Alfred Roller's paintings from 1893 depict Ladin myths. The Luis Trenker Parlour is dedicated to the famous mountaineer and film star of the same name. He fought together with the Kostner brothers in the First World War.

Beautiful paintings by Professor Roller of 1893 adorn the walls of our "Rollerstube" and lend it its unique charm. Together with his friends Gustav Mahler and Max Reinhard, Roller successfully brought to life the famous Salzburg Festival and the Austrian Work Federation, among other subjects. Roller's paintings in the restaurant are reminiscent of traditional Ladin stories and legends from our region and all feature a brief caption in Ladin by Professor Jan Batista Alton. Open during the summer months only, the "Trenkerstube" is perfect for a relaxing dinner with friends, birthday parties and other celebrations.