Treasure from all over the World

Look and ye shall find: precious handicraft from all around the world, quirky totems, and painting and statues by both local and internationally renowned artists—ready to be discovered all over the house.

The art on display at the Hotel Cappella will ensure that your stay with us is an unforgettable experience. Valuable paintings in the private gallery and in the corridors. Statues and sculptures by internationally renowned artists present throughout the house - like a little museum in heart of the mountains. Add to this the honest and open cordiality, which means that each and every guest is taken care of with kindness and that all-important personal touch. This passion for the finer things in life can be seen in every tiny detail of the hotel, making it an inviting holiday retreat, ideal for revitalising your entire body and soul.

Hotel Cappella Hotel Cappella Hotel Cappella

Art gallery Renèe

The Kostner/Pizzinini family's love affair with art dates back several years to grandfather Joseph Kostner who had a taste for the finer things in life and who passed on this passion to his descendants, some of whom also studied art. Thus, in 1989, Josef's granddaughter Renate set up the Renèe Art Gallery in the Hotel Cappella - a very special and valuable art collection.

The gallery was closed in 2020 and it is now possible to freely visit the private collection and use the room as a reading room to read a good book or have a look to the numerous travel albums of the now retired Pizzinini Seniors.

Hotel Cappella Hotel Cappella Hotel Cappella