A summer in the Dolomites has a lot of exciting activities to offer for sport and nature lovers alike.

The UNESCO recognized not only the beauty of these mountains, but also the way, they were interpreted and loved. This is the real “patrimony” of the Dolomites: they are not just a static monument, but a landscape where human beings live, work, act, grow up their families and plan the future, always in accord with the nature. The name “Dolomites” was given to these mountains in 1789-1790 after the young French Déodat de Dolomieu, who discovered the calcareous rock of the once called “Pallid Mountains”. After scientists had analyzed the stones, they gave them the name “dolomia”, in honour of the finder. Enjoy the fantastic panorama during the excursions, Smell the perfume of the wonderful flowers and forests, Admire the colours of the meadows and mountains that change every season and spend romantic moments in front of a breathtaking sunset.


Whether by foot, with your bike, climbing or in the air: the dolomites in all their summer splendour can be enjoyed in many ways.