Tourist Trailblazers

The hotel founder Josef Kostner was an adventurer and a mountain guide: He laid the foundation for the development of tourism in Alta Badia, and his descendants are still actively involved today.

Soon after returning from an adventurous expedition through the Caucasus and Turkestan in 1912, Josef Kostner purchased the "Gasthof zur Kapelle" guesthouse, an old 15th Century farmhouse, in Colfosco. As, among other occupations, a mountain guide, the art and nature lover was a pioneer of tourism in Alta Badia. His son Cesco achieved great success as the first member of the national Alpine skiing team to come from the Alta Badia valley, and together with his friend Mutschlechner, he founded in 1934 the first ski school in Colfosco. Josef's other son Thomas, on the other hand, took over the running of the guesthouse and later passed on this venerable family tradition to his daughter Renata in 1962.

Josef Kostner Hotel Cappella
Martha & Thomas Kostner Renate & Josef Pizzinini

Together with her husband, Josef Pizzinini, Renata built the new Hotel Cappella in 1969, and in 2000, transformed the hotel into a luxurious haven of art and well-being, with much passion and exquisite attention to detail. One of a kind, today the hotel stands out for its unique decor and valuable collection of art. In 2013 Carlo Pizzinini, the son of Renata and Josef, and his wife Marion Demetz took over the conduction of the Hotel. Carlo and Marion have two daughters, Nives and Noemi.

Carlo, Marion, Nives und Noemi