Travel cancellation cover


  • because you have a hight body temperature, even if a later test result is negative;
  • because you get symptoms of Covid-19;
  • because you tested positive for Covid-19 without showing any symptoms;
  • because a close relative² or a person living in the same household is infected with Covid-19 and your presence is urgently required;
  • because a close relative² living in the same household falls ill with Covid-19 and you therefore have to go into quarantine;
  • if you fall ill during your stay and are not allowed to leave our Hotel, there is coverage of the involuntary extension of your vacation (up to Euro 2,000.00).


  • if you cannot or do not want to travel because you are worried about infection due to the increasing number of cases at your holiday destination (Italy / South Tyrol / Alta Badia);
  • if you cannot or do not want to take the trip because you are classified as a high-risk patient;
  • if the service providers or tour operators (our Hotel, lifts, ...) can no longer provide their services (e.g. as a result of a travel warning of level 5 or 6);
  • if you are unable to travel because you are in quarantined because of a suspected infection (e.g. in a kindergarten or a group of colleagues) without having symptoms of Covid-19 or having tested positive;
  • if we, as a Hotel, are in an area for which a travel warning has been issued;
  • a quarantine of the entire Hotel or in a separate quarter.

Furthermore, the insurance company does not differentiate between risk patients and non-risk patients in terms of premiums and there are still no age limits.


Inquiries and availability

We ask you to email all inquiries, especially on the subject of coronavirus and insurance protection, directly to As a rule, Europäische processes emails on a daily basis.

For a detailed description of covered and uncovered cases, you can visit the official website of "Europäische Reiseversicherung".


²) Close relatives are spouses (or registered partners or partners living in the same household), children (step-, in-law, grandchildren, foster parent), parents (step-, in-law, grandparent, foster parent), siblings and brother-in-law of the insured person - in the case of a registered partner or partner living in the same household, their children, parents and siblings as well.